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Keeping It Together During a Pandemic

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are well. These are certainly unprecedented times and I find myself contemplating many things lately. One of those things is COVID 19 and how to stay safe.

Like many of you I’m  sure, when I don’t understand something or when something is very new, I read, read, read about it. Haven't we all seen quite enough of articles about COVID 19, masks, social distancing, washing hands. Even though it gets tiresome to read about this, I do believe it is important information and repetition really is the very best teacher.

After careful consideration and lots of well sourced reading, I have come to the conclusion that wearing masks really do help keep us safe. Do I LIKE wearing a mask- no, not really. It's difficult to chat with friends, it's awkward when one has a mask and one doesn't, they're uncomfortable in warm weather, I don't get to show off my favorite lipstick- really these are my thoughts sometimes. Bottom line- masks are inconvenient.

However, I always wear mine when in public places and when social distancing is difficult. I just feel safer. And studies show that masks (in addition to the other precautions we’ve all read about) really do help. Do they prevent 100%?-No. They help. Studies show that the more viral load one experiences, the more severe the symptoms. I believe this completely as I have friends who have been through COVID 19 and they confirm these findings.

So, let's wear our masks! Let's keep each other safe-r. Let's do what is needed to be able to go out, have fun and live a beautiful life!

PS- This blog is meant, mainly, to express my heartfelt feelings about how to happily manage life during a pandemic. What a crazy thought, right? Who knew we would ever be experiencing something so surreal. With all the above in mind I also have received many requests for artsy masks. I researched the idea, found a company and now offer masks that are comfortable, stylish and easy to care for (I just washed mine in the sink with a little dish soap, put it in the dryer for 30 mins. and Voila like new!)  If we need to wear a mask, it helps if it is pretty, comfortable and easy to care for. Please feel free to peruse my Sweet Mare Studio site. Explore the different artsy options for apparel and enjoy choosing a pretty mask for yourself and/or a loved one.  And most of all stay safe and happy!


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