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Who/What Is Sweet Mare Studio?

 A bird's-eye view of my art table.
This painting is called "Golden Ranunculus Botanical"
I LOVE ranunculi.
      A photo of the "Golden Ranunculus" painting next to a photo of the      
Duster designed with the image of the painting.
  **First the art then, the apparel!!**
Sweet Mare Studio’s Story
Hello Everyone!!
My name is Teresa Cox-Kolar. I feel like I know so many of you and you know me. However, there are some friends that have recently discovered Sweet Mare Studio. People I have never met (in person). So, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my studio.
Sweet Mare Studio is in Duluth, MN situated on the shores of Island Lake. I create all of my artwork here as well as design all clothing and gifts.
Everything at Sweet Mare Studio is created from an original mixed media painting. All apparel and gifts are hand-designed using a sublimation printing process. A process that requires less water and strives to leave a small environmental foot print.
The items you find at Sweet Mare Studio are extremely special in that they are  found only here. These items created here, no where else. All the fabrics are the same bright, robust colors as the paintings. They do not fade and will always hold their shape.
Thank you for visiting my studio. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.
Perhaps you were wondering what a mare is. 
A mare is a female horse. 
Sweet Mare Studio is named after my mare, Ava, pictured in this post.
Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Take a look at this brief little tutorial on how to fold a headband. This way looks great or just scrunching it up works really well too. 
One more thing.....
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