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A Little Word About "These Uncertain Times"

Dear Friends,

Just like everyone, I have been consumed with our new "COVID 19 World." Such a surreal time, to be sure.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a little something about Sweet Mare Studio, myself, my art and how we are making our way through all of this.

Sweet Mare Studio has received several NEW DESIGNS. Be sure to look around the site for new surprises! Anything you see on the site is HERE and ready to ship!! If I hand deliver it (which I enjoy doing. I love seeing your smiling faces and having a chat-even if it is 6 plus feet away) you will get it very fast-within a day or so.

At this time, I am unable to take special orders for apparel or home goods.

However, canvas and photo prints are still available as always. The time to receive them will be a bit delayed-especially the canvas prints. The photo prints, on the other hand, come up quite quickly and I have several in stock here at the studio. You will receive those in a couple days.

Please know that I am the only one working in my studio (plus Kingston, my dog. He never leaves my side). I am VERY judicious about staying home, limiting travel ( I basically go absolutely nowhere). When I ship an item out it is handled by only me as I am shipping directly from my studio. I don't take things to the post office. If I hand deliver an item, I am the only person that handled your package.

I am using this time to paint, paint, paint! Which means when things are up and running again, I will have some wonderful new designs to offer!

Things will improve, I am very confident of that. In the meantime, I am doing the very best I can to keep my clients my family and myself safe. I know you are too. As they say, we are in this together. I have discovered a new sense of appreciation for a quick chat and a smiling face ( I have ALWAYS loved those things but, I REALLY appreciate them now!) Hugging is on hold- dang! I've always been a chronic hugger. Oh well, smiles and chats and Zoom sessions are wonderful too.

So, from Sweet Mare Studio (my dog, my horse and me) be safe, be happy and know that I think about you often and wish you the very very best.


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