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Our Story (My Sweet Mare Ava's and Mine)


Ever since I was born my surroundings have been filled with creativity. My father is an entrepreneur, my mother is a painter and all of my siblings live some sort of creative life. My mom used to sing as she worked around the house. I was so little and I remember it to this day.

Creativity is a vital part of my life. I would be lost without it. Currently I enjoy working with handicapped adults doing art classes, volunteering with our local hospital teaching art to children and regularly donating Sweet Mare Studio beanies to our local cancer center.

Mixed media painting is my medium. I find so much joy and inspiration working with botanicals, animals (particularly farm ones) and nature. My biggest crush is on horses, chickens and my own sweet mare, Ava.

Mix all these passions together and we have my company, Sweet Mare Studio. All studio pieces have been hand designed with images of my artwork. My production studio/manufacturer is a very special place based in Montreal, Canada.  Their employees are paid fair wages and given traditional working hours. They use a sublimation printing process that offers bright, non-fading fabrics. They handle everything from printing, sewing and quality control. Their fabric combinations, polyester and spandex, are unique and exclusive. Their operation is environmentally friendly. They manufacture and source locally which minimizes their carbon footprint. Their paper waste is recycled and excess clothing items are donated to area shelters.

Now, a little bit about myself and my art- a behind-the-scenes look at Sweet Mare Studio. Creating new paintings is always on my mind. I never get enough of flowers, botanicals, animals and nature. As soon as (and sometimes before) I finish a painting, I start to think about how it would translate to something else-a flowing scarf, an elegant chiffon duster, a pair of yoga leggings. Then, I begin to design the appropriate art item.

Every piece of apparel and every gift is hand designed from an original painting. After the designing process, I decide whether to sell the painting or keep it. My work is represented by Lizzard's Art Gallery and Framing, Duluth, MN. My art has found new homes with local collectors as well as art lovers around the world!

So that's our story! Thank you so much for your interest and support. It means the world to me.

Ava and Teresa Cox Kolar of Sweet Mare Studio