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Brand New "One Raven" Painting

   It's always exciting when a painting is finally finished. I often have mixed feelings about parting with it. It feels like a new arrival and I am usually quite attached. It's a new "baby" and hard to let go. These are the sentiments I feel for this painting, "One Raven". I started working on it last Fall. Life got busy so I set it down for several months. Then, during these last few weeks, I've been dedicated to finishing it for the Autumn. It was wonderful working without a deadline (other than the approaching chilly weather). I was free to putter and play as long as I wanted. Because of that freedom, there are many marks, shapes and special pieces everywhere. I do an extensive amount of negative painting and lots of mark-making- all time consuming tasks but, also very rewarding.

    I also truly enjoy researching the subjects of my paintings. For this one it was, of course, the raven. The raven symbolizes prophecy, insight, transformation and intelligence. It can also represent long-term success in love and finding devoted, faithful partners. Gotta love all that!

   Next will be the inspiration I feel to design something special to wear with this image. I never know for sure what type of wearable art I will end up creating. I invite you to stay tuned and/or make a suggestion. I am always open to new ideas. I love hearing what new things you would like to see. This type of feedback helps me make decisions about future one-of-a-kind wearable creations.

   Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit. If you did, please tell a friend and feel free to join my email list of subscribers.

  Warmly, Teresa

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  • I am on your site and still can’t see painting with my phone but will try with a computer

    Jaci F

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